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Organisations such as Simply Put too often come across as critical. We’re in danger of telling other people that what they have done is wrong – and that, with a little bit of our help, they might be able to do a bit better in the future. In my training, I’ve often worried that this kind of approach might end up having the opposite effect from the one intended: far from inspiring people to look again at the way they approach writing, it might turn them off, make them feel it’s all too much bother. There’s something about the teacher’s red pen here: too critical, too angry, too ‘I can do better than you’.

So, with these blogs, I wanted to see if I could come up with examples that got it right. Or that got it right for me. This is obviously a dangerous thing to do, since people so seldom agree on what a good piece of writing is; but I thought I’d chance my arm and see what I could find. Inevitably, though, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to produce a rogues’ gallery of examples of work that got it fantastically wrong. There’s a balance to be struck between negativity and positivity, and I’m sure I often fail to achieve it!

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